Get a Squeaky-Clean Makeup Bag With These 5 Products

If you hate taking off your makeup, you probably hate cleaning your beauty tools even more. But what if we told you both these chores are equally important for a healthy regimen? Our makeup brushes, blenders and powder puffs need to be sanitized and cleaned on a regular basis.

Beauty tools acquire bacteria, dirt and residual chemicals over time. You can’t keep using the same makeup brush for weeks without giving it a thorough cleanse. And cleaning out your blenders and sponges does not have to be a time-consuming ordeal. There are cleaning kits and solutions that make cleaning your brushes and blenders a very doable chore.

Besides regular antibacterial products, liquid cleansers are very helpful when it comes to cleaning your props. Besides, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching all that product exit your makeup tools and swirl down the drain. Here’s how to get your brushes and blenders to really sparkle.

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