The One Makeup Step You Should Never Miss (Plus, How to Do It Correctly)

Whether you have a five-step makeup routine or a 37-step regimen (hello, Kylie Jenner), it all falls apart if you’re overlooking the importance of one crucial step: primer. Primer is essential for flawless base makeup. It doesn’t just lock in makeup for a longer peiod of time — some hydrating primers can also work double time and do wonders for your skin.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, primers can be a huge help in keeping away flakes and patchy spots, especially if you use a lot of foundation and concealer. If you’re trying to conceal fine lines or minimize pores, seamless primer coverage is a must. The one makeup step you should never miss is primer — but miss it we do. Even if you have the right products, incorrectly using primer can mess up your glow.

Here, the top three mistakes to avoid when it comes to your primer.

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