9 Hydrating Face Powders That Never Look Cakey

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here — and now we have cold temperatures and dry skin to contend with. To do that, we’ve brought out our thickest, emollient-rich skin-care products in an attempt to keep dry, crocodile-like skin at bay. But even the richest workhorse moisturizer is better when used in tandem with other hydrators. That’s why moisturizing formulas in all our beauty products are so important, including face powders.

The wrong powder (or too much product) can emphasize dry patches by clinging to them. The issue becomes more apparent in winter when even those with oily skin suddenly find their faces flaking and craving moisture. A hydrating face powder helps boost the nourishing benefits of moisturizer and serum, while dealing with excess grease. Hydrating powders also prevent the dreaded cake face look so skin looks natural, not tight or artificially matte.

Read on for nine skin-perfecting, hydrating face powders to add to your winter regimen.

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