6 Hardworking Shine Sprays That Deliver Glossy, Bouncy Hair

Sure, we’d love to eat a perfectly balanced diet full of omega-3s, exclusively use a boar bristle brush and avoid heat styling tools like the plague to cultivate perfectly bouncy, shiny hair. But the truth is, you can’t always come by shine and bounce naturally, no matter how many hair gummies you eat. But there are ways to fake super nourished and glossy hair with the right spray. And on super busy days, they are very handy.

The ideal spray for your hair really depends on the texture of your hair, especially if you want that glossy sheen. If you have fine hair, avoid heavier sprays or oil mists. Root stimulator sprays, like olive oil sprays, do not work on all hair types, like frizzy hair or natural waves.

When it comes to sheen sprays, less is almost always more. Overusing hair sprays will make your waves greasy and flat and will also harm your scalp. These are the hair shine sprays that deliver gloss and bounce, which lets you fake super healthy locks.

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