The Under-$20 Mask Responsible for Lady Gaga’s Platinum Blond Upkeep

There could be a hundred people in the room, and we’d still only see Lady Gaga. If we could ask her anything, it’d just be this one question: How do you do it? Her music, her already Oscar-worthy Hollywood career, her brave advocacy of causes close to her and, of course, her ever-changing and never-boring hair.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Gaga’s current choice of mane is a supreme platinum blonde, also known as the most difficult shade to care for. The color needs more frequent upkeep as it requires a double process; the hair is first bleached, and then the color is neutralized with a toner. Add in a bunch of heat, and you have the recipe for a gorgeous platinum shade — oh, and some very fragile hair.

Platinum blond hair is more prone to breakage and can look scraggly or unhealthy if not nourished regularly. You also don’t want it looking brassy or too pale. So, how does she do it? Frederic Aspiras, who prepped Gaga’s hair for those fire red carpet outings, spilled the grooming beans.

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