Is Getting Better Skin as Easy as Refilling Your Water Bottle?

Images: Imaxtree

If Skin Care 101 was an actual book, “Drink Water” would be the first chapter. From estheticians to your mom to Miranda Kerr, anyone and everyone who cares about good skin has testified that they drink water religiously.

Weirdly enough, the basic rule of skin care is also the one rule we keep ignoring. If you are getting your eight glasses every day, congratulations, you are virtuous and on the path to wellness enlightenment. But if you keep ditching water for coffee and kombucha, we relate to your struggle.

A 2011 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information states that skin is comprised of 30 percent water. Though adequate water consumption alone is not enough to slow down aging or treat sun damage, it is a key measure to retain elasticity and prevent breakouts.

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