5 Hacks for a Fierce, Ariana Grande-Inspired High Ponytail

If you’ve ever wondered why Ariana Grande hasn’t said, “Thank u, next,” to her painful skyscraper ponytail, it’s probably because it’s a trend that’s still so fresh. So much so that Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are also bringing it back. And it helps that they all have the same man behind all of their fierce ponytails.

Chris Appleton is the reigning ponytail guru of Hollywood and everybody from J.Lo to Kim to Ariana trust him with their updos. The snatched ponytail, as it’s called, got a major revamp in the hands of Appleton, who experimented with its placement and texture. He taught us all to aim high — really high.

“The higher you go, the fiercer it looks. The lower you go, the more professional or serious it looks. It can change the whole shape of your face. It can snatch your face upward and lift your eyes, or it can pull your eyes down,” Appleton told PopSugar in an interview last year.

Here, five hacks for getting closer to the heavens with your high ponytail, à la Ariana Grande.

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