10 Times Kate Middleton Gave Us Actually Achievable Hair Goals

It’s not easy being a duchess, but you wouldn’t know it by judging Kate Middleton’s hairstyles. The Duchess of Cambridge somehow manages to make the simplest hairdos look runway-ready. Granted, she has the healthiest hair we’ve ever seen, resulting in the bounciest waves. But here’s the real question: What does it take to pull off a Kate hairdo that lasts all day?

What we love about Kate’s look is that she always goes for a natural finish and never looks too done or overloaded with product. But she does enlist some help to keep it looking that way. In fact, Kate’s hairstylist Amanda Cook Tucker revealed in a now-deleted Instagram post exactly what she packed when she accompanied the duchess on her tour of Norway and Sweden.

And though the picture featured 13 hairbrushes, two kinds of curlers and at least a couple of blowdryers, it had only seven hair products (two are drugstore), which is honestly a lot less than we imagined.

Even if you don’t have a traveling hairstylist, Kate’s hairstyles are easy to achieve. Here, her best looks that you can recreate.

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