Get in on the Coolest Haircut Trend for 2019: The Timeless Shag

If there’s one cut we just can’t quit, it’s the shag. Why do we love it? Sure, it takes us back to a groovier, simpler time in the 70s when everyone was cool and could own houses. But the heavily layered, free-flowing cut is ideal for anyone who wants to put up an effortless front. The shag is the mother of woke-up-like-this hairdos and Instagram, barometer of all trends, is in love.

The shag also accommodates any hair type, no matter how curly or dense. A shag can have seriously bouncy curls, wavy bangs or random waves of hair framing the side of your face. Shag haircuts are usually heavy on texture and volume, which lets you get away with bad hair days and hair that’s overdue for a cut.

From Zendaya to Chloë Grace Moretz to almost every supermodel and street style icon, everyone is doing their part to usher in the era of the shag. Are you ready?

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