Glossier Introduces Glossier Play, a Brand of ‘Dialed-Up Beauty Extras’

If we were to ask someone to name their top five favorite makeup brands, we’re pretty sure Glossier would be one of them. The game-changing makeup stays true to its promise of a me-but-better natural look (even if we go overboard with the Cloud Paint). Now, Glossier is encouraging us to amp up our look with Glossier Play, “a brand of dialed-up beauty extras.”

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"At our core, Glossier Inc. is about celebrating freedom of choice when it comes to how we all look, act, and feel. Each and every one of you is your own expert, with the ability to tell a story about what beauty means to you. Today I’m thrilled to introduce @GlossierPlay, a new approach to makeup that’s inspired by sound, motion, and fun. Glossier Play’s first four products are tools for expression: Colorslide technogel eye pencil, Vinylic Lip high shine lacquer, Glitter Gelée multigrade paillettes, and Niteshine highlighter concentrate. Each one creates endless possibilities to get ready, let loose, and most of all, play. There will be more—more colors, more textures, more ways to dial up your look. The one thing that won’t change is Glossier’s simple and intuitive approach to design that’s consistent across everything that we do. With this new brand, we’re inviting you to continue to choose your own beauty adventure…only now with even more places to go. The world is your Playground! Thank you for joining us."—@emilywweiss, founder + CEO

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When they say extra, they mean it. Glossier Play just released four highly pigmented products to, well, play with. First is the Vinylic Lip that comes in six shades and has a high-shine finish that promises a never-sticky formula.

Glossier, Vinylic Lip in Disco (a terracotta), $16 at Glossier

Next is an eyeliner called the Colorslide that comes in 14 vibrant shades without the classic black in sight. If you want to experiment with your makeup, the shades were made to be layered with one another. It’s easy to apply and play around with, especially if you want to step up your makeup game by smudging it out to give a smoky effect. 

Glossier, Colorslide in Candyland (a metallic, sherbet pink), $15 at Glossier

Speaking of stepping up your makeup game, Glossier Play also offers Glitter Gelée, which makes your eye makeup much more magical and comes in four glimmery shades.

Glossier, Glitter Gelée in Opalescent with Holographic Specks, $14 at Glossier

Finish your whole look with a striking highlighter called Niteshine. The product comes in 4 shades and blends seamlessly onto cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bows, and eyelids. 

Glossier, Niteshine in Platinum Rose (a pink luster for a rosy sheen), $20 at Glossier

“Glossier Play’s first four products are tools for expression,” says CEO and founder Emily Weiss in an Instagram post. “Each one creates endless possibilities to get ready, let loose, and most of all, play.” Weiss promises more colors, textures — and more ways to play — in the future. We can’t wait.


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