These Amazing K-Beauty Subscription Boxes Are Seriously Well Curated

The world of Korean skin care is a magical and healing space with solutions to your skin issues, but you need to make informed decisions. The PinkSeoul beauty subscription boxes are making that a reality.

The subscription service does not adhere to the “one-box-for-all” idea; instead, it curates a box for you depending on your skin type and personal focus. The products are all full-size, unlike many subscription boxes that only feature beauty samples. From skin toner to snail bee steam cream to an ampoule mask, the bimonthly boxes are exceptionally well-curated.

We also love how new subscribers receive a guide on the basics of Korean skin care and tips for their skin type. There are three kinds of boxes: the PinkSeoul Box available at $39.95 every two months, the PinkSeoul Plus Box at $49.95 every two months and the monthly Mask Box, which costs $29.95.

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