6 Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes That’ll Make Switching Your Shade a No-Brainer

As much as we love committing to our friendships and our shared Netflix account, being faithful to one hair color for the entire season is too much to ask for. And Instagram makes sure our ever-fickle minds can never settle on one hair color inspiration.

So if you want to switch your shade on the regular a la Kylie Jenner, semi-permanent hair dyes are your best options. There are several temporary colors available that won’t damage your locks. That means you can rock a new color every other week, if you desire.

The best thing about semi-permanent hair dyes is that you can experiment to find out which ones work for you. So go ahead and mix that pastel with a deep tone or go for more settled highlights. Hell, you can even sport rainbow roots for your next festival weekend.

Here are the top semi-permanent hair dyes around to master your personal color story.