Summer Is the Perfect Time to Switch to Cleansing Milk

When it comes to cleansing our skin, the gentler the cleanser, the better. Especially in summer. Most foamy cream– and gel-based cleansers aren’t water-soluble and strip our complexions of natural oils. If your skin suffers from frequent breakouts or a pH imbalance, you should switch to a milder formula that doesn’t take a toll on your skin, no matter how much you wash your face.

Enter cleansing milks. The milky cleansers are perfect subs for your harsher daily cleanser since they gently banish impurities and stubborn makeup. These lotion-based formulas act as emollients, making them ideal for sensitive folks. And if you’re a double cleansing convert, cleansing milks are your best bet.

Ready to switch? Here are our favorite cleansing milks that’ll totally transform your skin.