9 Great-Smelling Body Sprays That Are Lighter, Brighter Alternatives to Perfume

Body sprays were likely a staple in your teen beauty routine along with glitter and scented lip glosses. Now, those same body mists seem too sugary sweet and lack real staying power. But you just need to upgrade to the adult versions.

Believe it or not, there are sophisticated and long-wearing body sprays out there. If you tend to skip perfume in summer because you don’t want to feel suffocated by strong scents, these grown-up body sprays are a nice change of pace since they’re super light. And don’t disappear as soon as you spray them on. They offer complex scents featuring everything from fruity to floral notes. Plus, some of the sprays even have skin care benefits.

Click through the gallery for the best body sprays that’ll make you feel fresh and so clean, clean.