Affordable Beauty Buys From Brandless That Deliver Real Results

Even if you’re happily spending a big chunk of your disposable income on top-of-the-line products, there’s still a special satisfaction that comes with finding products that work and cost less than what you spent on lunch. You probably already know that Target and Trader Joe’s are gold mines when it comes to frugal beauty buys, but they’re not your only options.

Brandless stocks an ever-growing assortment of clean, cruelty-free and, most importantly, affordable skin care products. That’s because it eliminated the “brand tax,” which is basically the cost associated with marketing, advertising and distribution (hence the name Brandless). It’s also worth mentioning that for every order placed, Brandless provides a meal for people in need through Feeding America.

Check out the slideshow above for some standout products at great prices.