The Wavy Clavicle Bob Is Fall’s Freshest Cut

Tousled tresses are usually associated with carefree summer days, preferably spent at the beach. But the haircut set to rule fall calls for those waves to stick around.

The wavy clavicle bob is about to be everywhere this season. While you’re probably used to seeing its blunt cousin on everyone from celebs to co-workers, the tousled take kicked off when Ashley Benson’s hairstylist Marc Mena gave the actress a subtly beachy bob. The wavy style is surprisingly versatile and works on any hair type, including curly, coily locks. And you can even control the amount of texture so whether you’re looking for a bit of bedhead body or a slightly shaggy spin, there’s a style for you.

But before you run off to your hairstylist, see the slideshow above for some wavy clavicle bob ideas that simply scream fall.