Breathtaking Beauty Looks From the Spring 2020 Haute Couture Collections

Images: Imaxtree

Now that we’ve reviewed all the haute clothes, it’s time to break down the beauty. And when the fashion is so dramatic, the makeup and hair better be just as awe-inspiring. Lucky for us, the haute couture shows didn’t disappoint.

We spotted cat eyes with two flicks, fancy updos, blinged-out lips and even strategically placed tattoos. Searching for a winter-ready look? You’ll love the snowy brows and lashes at Guo Pei. Dying to try the blush draping technique? Valentino’s rosy highlights will surely inspire you. Curious to see if you can pull off unconventional lipstick colors? Maison Margiela’s green, blue, yellow and orange lips will give you the confidence you need.

Here are the best beauty looks the Spring 2020 Haute Couture shows had to offer.

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