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Sofia Coppola Wore Lavender Alaia to Marry Thomas Mars (Forum Buzz)

Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars marry in ItalyOver the weekend, Sofia Coppola married Thomas Mars, her longtime partner and the father of her two daughters, Romy and Cosima, at a villa in Bernalda, Italy. The bride looked laid back and casual when she walked down the aisle in a knee-length custom lavender Azzedine Alaia dress with her shoulder-length hair down and unadorned. 

Some Fashion Spot forum members like ALAUU seemed disappointed in Sofia’s lack of dramatic wedding finery. “That’s the wedding dress?” she asked.
FrenchCactus, who had been eagerly anticipating the nuptials, was also disappointed but understood the supposed reasoning. “Since she already wore a traditional white dress for her wedding to Spike [Jonze] she probably wanted something different. Anyway, she radiates happiness. Very happy for her!”
Chickadee was a fan of the dress. “I like it. Very unconventional but beautiful and feminine from what I can see. I'm kind of glad she opted for a non-white dress. She's got two kids and as Miranda [from Sex and the City] said, ‘The cat's out of the bag.’ I will say this though,” she added. “I really wish she would've done something new with her hair.”
Not Plain Jane was thrilled that the couple didn’t bow to convention and instead were so utterly true to themselves. She posted, “Awww they are perfect; they both look so happy, and I love the way her dress compliments [sic] his navy suit. Her hair looks fuller than usual and his looks adorably tousled as always. There is nothing stuffy or phony about this – it looks just like them. Easy, lovely, stylish and cool.”
Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!

Image via popsugar.