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Lana Del Rey and Her Bee-Stung Lips Cover Interview Russia’s February Issue (Forum Buzz)

Interview Russia - February 2012 - Lana Del ReyLana Del Rey is being touted as the “Next Big Thing” in music and her throaty voice and palpable sexuality have already generated a bit of a cult following. So, it makes sense that the mainstream media is starting to take notice, and Lana has landed the cover of Interview Russia in the lead-up to the release of her debut album, “Born to Die,” which will be available world-wide later this month.

Forum members seem thrilled with the dramatic cover image. “Brigitte Bardot-esque meets The Silence of the Lambs. Love it!” cottonmouth13 declared.

PERFECTION posted, “She's so stunning. Even though the hype can turn one off, I'm excited to see where Lana Del Rey will go with her career.”

MON couldn’t contain his excitement. “This is really stellar!” he exclaimed. “I love how seductive Lana looks; I love her glare! The eye makeup is really beautiful and as much as I hate animals/insects on covers, this really works!”

This seems like a pretty edgy cover for a new artist, but it definitely fits with Lana’s whole vibe. I have to confess that there’s a big chance that I’ll be buying her album when it comes out at the end of the month, so I might already be fully enamored with Lana, but everyone else in the forums seems to be too, so I’m in good company.

Image: weloveinterview via the Fashion Spot forums.