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Jennifer Lawrence’s First Christian Dior Beauty Campaign Is Released (Forum Buzz)

Christian Dior is certainly rolling out the campaigns this month. First, Rihanna‘s highly-anticipated ads surfaced and now Jennifer Lawrence‘s latest has been unveiled. Oddly enough, the actress isn’t clutching one of Dior’s coveted handbags in the shot, but she is, however, selling us a shade of Dior Addict lipstick. That’s right, Jennifer has transitioned from shilling accessories to cosmetics and unfortunately receives negative reviews from our forum members.

Dior Addict Lipstick Campaign Jennifer Lawrence


“Like everything about this brand nowadays, it’s so lifeless. Jennifer Lawrence seems great, but I wish they would find another young actress to have as a brand ambassador. It’s clear she isn’t a good fit,” commented orchidee, failing to get us off to a positive start.

“Can Dior stop with Jennifer already? Seriously all those campaigns she did for them, she looks the same every time! I’m so done with this collaboration,” Oxymore added.

In agreement was squilliam: “What’s the point of taking a young casual vivacious girl and making her lifeless, old and formal repeatedly? If that’s the look they’re going for then get someone else who can do it better. I agree, she does look the same in every campaign. It’s actually kinda hard to differentiate between the different campaigns.”

Also not fond of Jennifer being associated with Dior was gossiping. “Why not a model? I hate all Dior campaigns with a celebrity, it makes them instantly forgettable,” she said.

“Is she doing beauty as well now? What happened to Sasha Luss? I hope they didn’t drop her in favor of Jennifer,” worried Benn98.

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