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Actress Felicity Jones Makes Her UK Harper’s Bazaar Debut (Forum Buzz)

Our forums were pleasantly surprised when British Harper’s Bazaar featured model Mariacarla Boscono on the October cover, but we should have known that the use of models would be short-lived. Back to profiling actresses for November, Felicity Jones makes her debut in a doll-like photo wearing Burberry’s just-shown collectionBazaar regular David Slijper captured the British beauty for the occasion, with one of the two covers outshining the other.

UK Harper's Bazaar November 2016 : Felicity Jones by David Slijper


The cover for subscribers (above) was the first to reach our forums. “Love what she’s wearing, and the overall mood, but this is not even a subscriber’s image. Too much empty space above her head. I’m glad to see Felicity finally getting some major covers, but won’t exactly rush to read her feature,” voiced Benn98 immediately.

“It’s got a strange charm, this shot. The more I look at it, the more I like it — but I certainly didn’t feel like that when I first saw it,” admitted tigerrogue.

“There’s no life, no energy. Terrible choice for a cover shot, IMO,” MyNameIs wrote, sharing the same underwhelming sentiments toward the shot.

Also not feeling it was kokobombon: “I like the setting, the styling not so much. The biggest problem is her pose. She looks like she just slumped onto that chair..”

HeatherAnne felt the same way, replying, “I agree the clothes and her pose make her body look so weird. This is terrible, don’t really know what they were going for here.”

However, once the newsstand cover (below) appeared, the mood soon changed. “Well I think the newsstand cover looks gorgeous, much better than the subs one. I’d be pretty gutted if I was a subscriber, they once again got a raw deal, to be honest,” confessed Benn98.

“The newsstand cover is really nice and vibrant,” Srdjan favored.

UK Harper's Bazaar November 2016 : Felicity Jones by David Slijper


Which cover do you prefer? Add your own two cents here.