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Emma Stone Sports a New Pixie Cut on Vogue’s November ‘Vote’ Issue (Forum Buzz)

As reported on our forums a few months back, Emma Stone was set to return to the cover of American Vogue — and today the magazine confirms the rumors with the unveiling of its November offering. The actress just scored her third cover for the title and looks drastically different from her previous appearances, sporting a short pixie cut for the occasion. Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott with Tonne Goodman on styling duties, Emma looks anxious (guess last month’s Lupita Nyong’o cover feature really is a tough act to follow) while hiding behind a striped cropped sweater from Michael Kors Collection.

US Vogue November 2016 : Emma Stone by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


At first glance, the cover seemed to leave our forum members with mixed feelings. “I hate crop tops and this one is so short it gives me literally shivers. Overall it’s a rather basic Emma pictured and barely recognizable as Emma, probably catering a younger public? A feminine Emma with long hair is more to my taste,” shared Nymphaea.

“It seems that they’re trying to make her look younger than she is. And ‘teen anxiety’? No,” stated Lucien112.

Miss Dalloway shared the same sentiments, disapproving, “I’m so sick of this election, and the way it’s become impossible to avoid! Will throw a party once it’s over! So for that reason, I am not into this cover! But mostly, why is she hiding her face? Because it’s been such a sad affair? Either way, that is an ugly sweater, and for me the worst cover in a long while!”

“I love Emma Stone but I feel Vogue has never quite managed to capture what I love about her? If anything, British Vogue did it best for me. Which is something very rarely said!” wrote an underwhelmed honeycombchild.

The cover managed to get everyone else’s vote, however. “It’s very cute, very Lucie de La Falaise in the 90s,” said hfgl.

“It’s very 90s Meisel meets Liza Minnelli. Not quite sure yet if I love it, but it’s always a plus for me when Vogue steps out of their everlasting comfort zone,” appreciated Marc10.

Also quick to enthuse just how good things turned out was tigerrogue: “I like how striking it is, and that they’ve shaken up their cover formula for one month, at least.”

US Vogue November 2016 : Emma Stone by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


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