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Gwen Stefani Looks ‘Plastic Fantastic’ on Glamour’s Overdone December Cover (Forum Buzz)

It’s official: Glamour is back on the descent into mediocrity. We were willing to overlook the mess it served with Demi Lovato last month, but the downward spiral continues with its newest offering. Gwen Stefani (who we’ve practically just seen on Harper’s Bazaar) closes out the year in an underwhelming fashion, flashing a huge white smile in the December cover shot by Miguel Reveriego.

US Glamour December 2016 : Gwen Stefani by Miguel Reveriego


Members of our forums were in shock. “She looks more and more plastic, what a shame,” exclaimed a horrified KateTheGreatest the second the cover came to light.

“I’ve come to accept that the current incarnation of Gwen Stefani is plastic fantastic,” tigerrouge chimed in.

Sharing the same sentiments was dior_couture1245, replying, “I have an easier time accepting plastic Gwen than I do basic Gwen. It’s heartbreaking to see her go from such a creative, energetic force to just another cheap, vacant Hollywood clone.”

HandbagQueen wasn’t much of an admirer either: “This looks like every other Gwen Stefani magazine I’ve ever seen. Nothing new…blah!”

“Yes!! And I find it terribly underwhelming for December. In fact, it looks more Seventeen than Glamour to me. I hope this art direction is a once-off effort because it’s awful,” criticized Benn98.

“This styling fits the Gwen I love, so no complaints from me, even if her face looks so stiff,” reasoned kokobombon.

Dodoncebt seemed to agree. “She really has gone overboard with cosmetic touch ups but I have a soft spot for Gwen and I just can’t hate this. I think it’s a great cover – the kind of punk in a girly way that only she can do,” he stated.

“Same here, I mean some things are very obvious, yet I still can’t help but like Gwen. Also it has a nice glowing vibe, this cover. The styling really is perfect for her,” pointed out Miss Dalloway.

Do you love or loathe Gwen’s new cover? Sound off in our thread here.