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Lena Dunham and the Cast of Girls Pose for Glamour’s Photoshop-Free February Cover

We’re all for magazines abandoning the use of Photoshop and major kudos goes to Glamour this month for opting to use an unretouched shot of the cast of Girls for its February edition. Photographed by Emma Summerton, actresses Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Lena Dunham and Jamima Kirke come together for the entirely women-produced issue, wearing Marc Jacobs’ bold new collection.

US Glamour February 2017 : The Cast of Girls by Emma Summerton


The magazine still can’t catch a break from the majority of our forum members. “Holy sh*t that’s bad,” declared a horrified dodencebt the second the cover came to light.

“Ugh, this is so bad and I feel like this cover is dated by putting them on the cover. Girls hasn’t been a hot show since its second season! And Lena Dunham – I can’t stand her so what so ever! NEXT!” added a far from interested RanThe.

Also unwilling to show support was Benn98: “I cannot believe Cindi [Leive] went with this cover. Lena’s atrocious styling and busted wig/hairstyle aside, the others still look like mugs! There’s zero redeeming features here. They’ve even managed to ruin Alison, the most beautiful one of the group. And those Ziggy Stardust shoes? There are cool and inspirational ways to style plus-size women, this isn’t it.”

MON wasn’t digging the cover either, writing, “What on earth is this cover. I have no complaints about the cover stars. It is the execution that I am disappointed with!”

However, not everyone was unsatisfied. “LOVE this cover, love the fact they didn’t airbrush Lena. This is just fantastic! Don’t always buy Glamour but I will get this issue as a sign of support!” Miss Dalloway championed.

“The only positive thing about it is that they kept cellulite on a fashion mag cover,” noted kokobombon.

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