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Even Zendaya Can’t Save Dolce & Gabbana’s Tired ‘Viva-Italia’ Campaign Concept for Spring 2017

Over the past couple of years, our forum members have made every attempt to implore Dolce & Gabbana to revamp the concept for its advertising campaigns. Much to their dismay, the brand seems content to serve the same tired Italian lifestyle aesthetic season after season. Opting to switch things up ever so slightly for Spring 2017, D&G’s latest campaign features Zendaya, Sonia Ben Ammar and Thylane Blondeau on location on the idyllic island of Capri.

Still, our forum members are yearning for change. “Someday I’ll open a D&G campaign thread and will be pleasantly surprised. Today is not that day but I have hope,” kokobombon sighed in disappointment.

“Since Steven Klein is not shooting D&G, this looks the same campaign for the past six years!” cried out zacatecas570.

“I used to love them but this is tragic. Same mess as previous seasons. #BringBackStevenKlein,” campaigned fluxxx.

Russianelf felt the same way: “This ad campaign concept needs to die.”

“Awful! And I’m not hopeful that this will get any better. I can deal with kitsch if there’s some intellect mixed with it, but there’s not even that. So I”m guessing Zendaya is here because they want to tap into her followers, not because of acting merit or fashion savvy,” snapped Benn98.

Also unimpressed was Nomar: “While I don’t usually mind their formula for campaigns, this one is just bad.”

“So in 10 years, D&G will come out [with] a traveling guide of Italy since it seems to just pick a city each season and run with it,” laughed TaylorBinque.

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