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Christy Turlington Looks Effortless on Harper’s Bazaar Spain’s Timeless March Cover

We sure do love a good throwback to the 90s and that’s exactly what we’re getting with Harper’s Bazaar Spain’s March 2017 issue. Aside from a bored looking Hailey Baldwin in January, the title regularly receives a round of applause from our forum members — and this month is no different. Nineties supermodel Christy Turlington poses in leather Christian Dior for a classic studio shot with photographer Norman Jean Roy.

Harper's Bazaar España March 2017 : Christy Turlington by Norman Jean Roy


The cover, however, received mixed feedback from our forum members. “Timeless, she is just sublime, love this!” championed Miss Dalloway straight away.

“Yaaasss! I think I might buy this one, Christy looks flawless,” Wintergreen approved.

“Nice. So simple and it’s like a classic. Only a supermodel can have this charisma,” applauded Tony Fersen.

But not everyone was feeling it. “Forgettable. It’s too zoomed out and looks very morose for a spring issue. This could be an overly retouched Daria Werbowy for all we know,” critiqued an uninterested Benn98.

Sharing the same sentiments was 333101: “I love Christy, but she looks uncomfortable and restricted in that dress. I saw this earlier on Instagram and genuinely didn’t realize it was her…this cover doesn’t do her any justice at all and it’s too dark for March.”

GivenchyHomme noted, “I normally don’t like B&W for a cover but I think it would have made this pop. It needed that dark contrast.”

Bertrando3 wasn’t a fan either: “A cropped out pic with a closer look of her face or bust crop would have been much stronger. It feels very forgettable and catalogue like. I’m sure the inside spread will have much better pictures with a more worthy cover image as usual. Missed opportunity for them to get an iconic shot because the styling had great potential.”

“Love her on the cover, but hate what she’s wearing,” confessed liberty33r1b.

Harper's Bazaar España March 2017 : Christy Turlington by Norman Jean Roy


Do you care for either covers? Await more from the cover shoot and join the conversation here.