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Selena Gomez Makes Her Debut as Coach’s Brand Ambassador for Fall 2017

As announced in December 2016, Selena Gomez is the new brand ambassador for Coach, having inked a multimillion-dollar deal with the New York-based fashion brand. Selena’s debut as the face of Coach comes in the form of the label’s newly unveiled Fall 2017 advertising campaign. Photographed by Coach regular (and forum favorite) Steven Meisel, Selena plays up to the role of the all-American Coach woman perfectly, captured in the back of a vintage car wearing Stuart Vevers’ designs, styled by Karl Templer.

Coach F/W 2017.18 : Selena Gomez by Steven Meisel


Was the outcome enough to satisfy our forum members? “This is possibly the best I have seen her look in print, they changed her eyebrows, and she looks so much more mature, and interesting,” raved Miss Dalloway upon seeing the campaign images.

“She fits Coach better than that weird Louis Vuitton stint,” added RedSmokeRise.

“Ha! The magic of Meisel! I agree that she definitely looks more mature, and the subdued styling actually works well for her. I’m beginning to think the ‘reclining in a vintage taupe-colored car seems to be a marketing directive instead of Meisel’s insistence,” pointed out Benn98.

“This looks exactly the same as their Pre-Fall 2016 campaign. WTF?” pointed out artemovartem.

TheoG agreed, saying, “It’s Déjà vu! I mean down to pose, car, and styling. If the model isn’t reclining in the backstreet she’s hanging out of the car window. All that’s missing is Lexi Boling.”

“I’m probably not the most objective when it comes to Selena because I have this weird teenage-like crush on her but this is really the best she has ever looked in print, no? I think Coach did really well by getting her to be the face of the brand, it’s just a good match,” commented dodencebt.

Coach F/W 2017.18 : Selena Gomez by Steven Meisel


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