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Brie Larson’s Three Covers for Porter Winter 2017 Are the Best She’s Ever Looked

Is Porter about to break its streak of awkward-looking covers? We sure hope so as the publication gets us hyped for the Winter 2017 issue. Our forums have been huge champions of everything Porter since its 2014 debut but the magazine has allowed standards to slip over recent months. Thankfully, there seems to be a glimmer of hope with the unveiling of three new covers featuring Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson, photographed by Camilla Akrans. Celebrating “incredible women,” Brie wears Gucci in the first of two newsstand covers (below) and Emilia Wickstead in the second (after the jump). Porter opted for a stunning and commanding close-up for the limited cover for subscribers (pictured further down this page).

The majority of our forum members were quick to give their approval. “These are beautiful. My favorite covers for a while. The second is so modern, particularly for a celebrity cover. Never seen Brie Larson look this good either!” championed mercyminx.

“I like them both! Finally something flawless and classic Porter. They should work more often with Camilla. Never thought of Brie as a classic beauty, her style is much cooler, but she looks great here,” noted Benn98.

Also left pleasantly surprised by the outcome was dodencebt: “Woah! The second cover is incredible, I never thought Brie could look this cool and seductive. She’s usually very basic and chill.”

“The best covers I’ve seen of her. The styling and soft photography enhance her quite common beauty, IMO,” voiced kokobombon.

Nepenthes favored the second cover too, commenting, “Stunning covers! Porter has really set a tone with their covers, particularly love the second one.”

“The first cover looks a little awkward, but the second is stunning! Haven’t bought Porter in a while but I might have to get this issue!” confessed whippie.

“She’s not very recognizable on the first cover,” stated HeatherAnne. “I agree with whippie, it’s awkward looking, and not flattering to her features. The second cover is cooler, but she could have brought more emotion to it, she’s not really selling it for me.”

We’re still rooting for you, Porter! Await the contents of the issue and share your own opinion with us here.