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Natasha Poly Appears ‘Raw and Beautiful’ on the Vogue Netherlands November Cover

Our forum members are still shaking their heads over Vogue Turkey‘s horrific October cover featuring Natasha Poly. Thankfully, we have a gorgeous new cover to look at from the Russian bombshell as she makes herVogue Netherlands debut for November 2017. Photographed at her home along the Amstel river in Amsterdam, Natasha looks effortlessly natural and perfectly undone in the crisp cover image captured by Alique.

Vogue Netherlands November 2017 : Natasha Poly by Alique


Members of our forums were relieved to see Natasha looking like herself again. “Wow, I actually love this! I really like the effect of the rain on the cover. Natasha looks raw and beautiful (I also love the intensity in her eyes) and the sweater/hat combo works. Bravo, Vogue Netherlands!” cheered bluestar the moment the cover dropped.

“I love this, and I think Alique is such a strong photographer. This is light years better than her Vogue Turkey cover,” championed marsnoop2.

“This is so beautiful,” said a delighted Bruce7Lee.

Also liking what they saw was Lola701: “A beauty is a beauty and as I’ve said before, Natasha is always a good idea. Marvelous cover. Raw and fantastic. She is glamorous no matter what!”

However, not everyone was buying it. “Whoa, after VT, another disaster cover for Poly! What is going on! This just doesn’t work for me, she almost looks like Diane Kruger on a bad day, here!” exclaimed Miss Dalloway.

“Indeed another disaster, she looks harsh and unfocused,” Nymphaea echoed.

“Terrible! I’m actually surprised because September aside, Dutch Vogue has been doing good shots. Get what they were going for but the execution failed. And the drop on her chin looks more gross than raw and natural,” slammed Benn98.

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