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Raquel Zimmermann Shows Everyone How It’s Done on Vogue Spain’s Flawless November Cover

After a series of questionable covers over recent monthsVogue Spain’s reputation has been slipping amongst tFS forum members. Thankfully, that’s all about to change as the magazine unveils a flawless, sophisticated cover featuring forum favorite Raquel Zimmermann for November 2017. Knocking it out of the park, the Brazilian bombshell glams it up in the Christian MacDonald-shot image, wearing her hair in natural, loose waves and a chic black tailored blazer styled by George Cortina.

Vogue España November 2017 : Raquel Zimmermann by Christian MacDonald


The cover was an instant hit on our forums and members couldn’t contain their excitement. “Thank you God, for giving us Raquel! This is amazing, Eugenia [de la Torriente] Thank you,” wrote a more than delighted caioherrero the moment the cover struck.

“Yaaaaaaasssss Raquel, she deserves more Vogue covers!!!” exclaimed MDNA.

“Raquel is simply beyond. No one does it like her,” stated Nepenthes.

Marc10 expressed the same sentiments: “What a gift this woman is to the industry.”

Zoom was also a huge Raquel fan: “La Zimmermann, breezes in and elevates everything, every time. No exception here!”

“How can one person exude so much amour and elegance with just by staring? She’s not even trying too hard! Was she even trying? This is Vogue! Stunning,” said MON.

“I adore this cover. So simple, but so classy and Raquel looks gorgeous,” 333101 admired.

Kewkaw couldn’t have agreed more. “Flawless is the best word to describe this cover,” he expressed.

“It’s certainly one of Vogue Spain’s best covers this year,” GERGIN applauded.

We sure cannot wait for Raquel’s cover story. Await the contents of the issue and add your own two cents here.