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The Forever Flawless Julia Roberts Covers InStyle for December 2017

Julia Roberts is becoming a regular fixture at the newsstand (again) and we aren’t complaining. Fresh from the cover of UK Harper’s Bazaar, Julia now makes an appearance on InStyle for December 2017. Shunning a more festive direction for the last cover of the year, the InStyle team enlisted Carter Smith to photograph the forever-flawless actress in the wilderness. Julia glows in the warm and inviting newsstand cover shot (below), doing double denim and oozing her signature effortless grace and charm.

US InStyle December 2017 : Julia Roberts by Carter Smith


The cover received mixed feedback on our forums. “I think this is absolutely beautiful! Love the photo, very flattering, gorgeous lighting, good clothes, she looks timeless and ageless, great hair and makeup, nice layout, quite punchy. Good job,” approved Bertrando3 instantly.

“Not sure about this one,” critiqued happycanadian. “Her face looks beautiful, I love the serene expression and lack of Photoshop – but that neck? It looks wildly Photoshopped, like they’ve extended her neck or reattached her head or something crazy,” she added (InStyle, once again, hit by over-airbrushing claims).

Overall, Handbag Queen liked the cover, commenting, “Nice cover, I like it! Doesn’t look very holiday-esque though.”

Lucien112 agreed. “Really lovely but I agree – it’s just not holiday at all. I see that Laura [Brown] has done away with calling December the ‘Gift Guide Issue.’ Kind of a bummer, I always liked it!”

“Julia herself is stunning, but her covers are all the same for the past decades. Her magazine cover archive doesn’t really match her position in the industry,” pointed out chanelh.

“It’s becoming a bit much now with Julia, and there’s not a lot of originality with her fashion shoots. They’re not thinking out of the box with her. But at least it’s better than last month and the styling and backdrop looks nice. Laura must be thinking she’s in Australia with this cover. Too many cover lines as usual!” Benn98 complained.

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