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Vogue Ukraine Gives Alek Wek Her First-Ever Solo Vogue Cover for January 2018

Vogue Ukraine had a spectacular 2017, releasing stunning covers one after another— and it appears as though the publication will do the same in 2018. For January, the magazine gifts us with Alek Wek’s first-ever solo Vogue cover (guess it’s better late than never). The South Sudanese-British beauty takes it to the beach wearing head-to-toe Balenciaga, posing for photographer Alexander Saladrigas.

Vogue Ukraine January 2018 : Alek Wek by Alexander Saladrigas


Members of our forums couldn’t believe their eyes. “Hard to believe this is Alek’s first only-girl Vogue cover. Over twenty years in the industry, and this is what she’s got to show for it. Better late than never, I suppose,” commented Benn98.

“An OG Vogue cover finally! And, as expected, only Vogue Ukraine has the balls to do this,” applauded MagFan.

“It’s crazy indeed that she had to wait SOOOOOO long to get another Vogue cover but it’s a SUPERB one, so I’m super proud and happy for her,” exclaimed Bertrando3.

Armani agreed, writing, “Can’t believe this is Alek’s first OG Vogue cover. Alek looks GORGEOUS. So happy for her.”

Pollyanna90 added, “Gorgeous, elegant Alek. Such an icon!”

“F******G amazing cover. Love that they used the national colors in there as well. Great stuff,” praised Vitamine W.

“Fantastic cover. I love that Alek is wearing the Ukrainian flag colors. Their model choice is interesting and unexpected. Refreshing!” Valentine27 appreciated.

“I adore the cover! It’s completely original and Alek delivered!” said Breathless and we couldn’t agree more.

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