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Serena Williams Lands Her Third Vogue Cover, Posing With Baby Daughter Alexis

We should’ve seen this coming from a mile away: Serena Williams and her adorable baby daughter pose together on the cover of Vogue‘s recently unveiled February 2018 issue. After all, Anna Wintour has been a long-time champion of the tennis ace, including rooting for her at tennis matches, securing an exclusive of Serena’s wedding photographs for Vogue‘s website and placing her on the cover of Vogue twice before. Shot by famed photographer Mario Testino and styled by Tonne Goodman, Serena is all smiles in red Versace while carrying four-month-old daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

US Vogue February 2018 : Serena Williams by Mario Testino


Unfortunately, the cover wasn’t a winner for tFS forum members. “You have got to be kidding me. The image looks so pedestrian af! I’d mistake this for an Instagram holiday photo! Where’s the goddamn glamour?” asked MON the moment the cover struck.

“How long until Anna retires? OMG, this is so bad. Another year, with Anna’s favorite pets. I love Serena, but again? This is bad in every single way,” disapproved caioherrero.

“I thought it was Chaka Khan for a sec. I appreciate the intention, but the execution is awful. This could easily be a People magazine cover,” added Marc10.

Zposen couldn’t have agreed more, commenting, “This looks a tabloid cover! I would love to have seen her in couture holding that precious child. This is just blah!”

“Sharing all your sentiments about the cover being pedestrian and People worthy. Such a shame,” kokobombon chimed in.

“I don’t know why but I don’t dislike it one bit. It looks pedestrian, yes, but that’s what Vogue has become anyway. It works really well for the brand IMO,” reasoned dodencebt.

Also liking what she saw was Miss Dalloway: “Love this, sure it’s not very fashion-forward, but Vogue, and Wintour’s Vogue is especially very ‘lifestyle’, so I don’t mind this. It’s such a beautiful cover image, they both look gorgeous!”

US Vogue February 2018 : Serena Williams by Mario Testino


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