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Alicia Vikander Is Photoshopped Into Oblivion on Vogue’s March Cover

In the world of fashion magazines, March is the second biggest issue of the year (after September, of course), so why aren’t the major publications pulling out all the stops? Vogue is the latest to disappoint, adding yet another over-Photoshopped and unrecognizable cover star to the newsstand this month. Anna Wintour welcomes back Alicia Vikander to the cover, captured by photographer Steven Klein. The Tomb Raider actress wears Louis Vuitton (natch) in the over-processed photo, styled by Tonne Goodman.

US Vogue March 2018 : Alicia Vikander by Steven Klein


Our forum members were left shaking their heads. “Too robotic looking if that makes sense. Steven Klein’s photography is not for US Vogue covers. Also horrible styling,” scolded Scotty.

“I mean that can’t possibly her real-life skin tone? She looks 20 years older! Klein usually likes this kinda tanned skin, and robotic feel so I bet it’s all him, but that editorial belongs in W, not Vogue!!” Miss Dalloway slammed.

Also uninterested was forum member MDNA: “There is no more hype for the March issue. Tragic.”

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“Such a beautiful girl and yet she just falls flat in print every time. The post-production work on the cover and editorial is way, way too severe however. The color of everything is just pushed too far,” honeycombchild said.

LastNight couldn’t have agreed more: “What a dreadful cover. If it was softer and without all the effects then it would be 100x better. Klein should never, ever be used for this kind of shoot; his current style just doesn’t work well for a commercial image.”

“I really don’t get WHY so much Photoshop, I mean, this is not appealing at all, the cover would be perfect with less retouching,” posted ghostwriter10549.

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