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Vogue Turkey Just Gave Hailey Baldwin Her Very First Vogue Cover

Despite being on everyone’s radar for quite some time, it’s hard to believe that Hailey Baldwin is only just scoring her first Vogue cover. Following in the footsteps of BFF Kendall Jenner, Hailey becomes a cover girl for Vogue Turkey’s March 2018 issue. It’s a shame the American beauty isn’t solo for the occasion, though, as she’s joined by male model Valentine Rontez in the studio image shot by Liz Collins.

Vogue Turkey March 2018 : Hailey Baldwin & Valentine Rontez by Liz Collins


Vogue Turkey doesn’t exactly have the best track record on our forums and this month is no exception. “Didn’t think she’d ever book a Vogue cover. Hailey’s face doesn’t scream model to me, it never does. I understand what they went for, just a pity the execution looks so awful. Liz Collins is normally a capable photographer,” Benn98 critiqued.

“It’s like someone asked them to demonstrate the phrase, ‘You don’t know whether you’re coming or going,'” mocked tigerrouge of the posing.

“Oh, boy!! That is NOT the image you want as your first Vogue cover. Brutal!” declared Miss Dalloway.

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Also underwhelmed was forum member gunsnroses: “I was just wondering why she never made it like the Hadids. They’ve got all the same friends, popularity and connections. I know now, that it’s because she’s just not a good model. I rarely like any of her print work.”

“Even she looks confused why she is on the cover. Terrible model. Absolutely terrible,” scolded Vitamine W.

“She’s really bad as a fashion model. She should stick to fitness modeling,” FashionMuseDior suggested.

“This just cements her spot as the weakest out of all the nepotism models,” noted Elite13.

Ouch. Take a look at Hailey’s accompanying cover story and share your thoughts here.