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This Looks Nothing Like Gigi Hadid on the Cover of Vogue Italia’s May Issue

It was only a matter of time before Emanuele Farneti jumped on the Gigi Hadid bandwagon for Vogue Italia (since he’s already endorsed Bella Hadid) and, sure enough, there she is on the cover of the May 2018 issue. Replacing last month’s striking Adut Akech cover at the newsstands, Gigi does ‘High Voltage’ glamour for her third Italian Vogue cover appearance, decked out in glitzy Dolce & Gabbana. Joined by male model Justin Martin, the pair was Photoshopped photographed by Steven Klein and it didn’t take our forum members long to notice something…odd.

Vogue Italia May 2018 : Gigi Hadid by Steven Klein


“Oh my goodness! THIS. DOES. NOT. LOOK. LIKE. HER,” MON said the second the cover came to light.

“There is absolutely no excuse for an image this Photoshopped to make it to print, let alone the cover! Come on!!” exclaimed fee de foret.

Also quick to express their horror was forum member anlabe32: “Words cannot describe how bad this is. Gigi is the worst model ever but even for her this is a new low.”

“This is tragic,” added a far from overwhelmed dsamg.

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“This is really really bad, I’m sorry to say. The concept, the editing, the whole thing is a mess. I kinda feel for Gigi, they really bent her over on this and to think this passed all checks needed before publishing is astounding,” commented Scouting Snapper.

Don’t count on thatsfierce rushing down to the newsstand: “Doing the blackface again, how ridiculous. Gigi + D&G, such a terrible combination. Worst Italian Vogue cover I’ve ever seen!”

A.D.C felt the same way: “Let’s give her just enough blackface so we can court controversy and then claim tan! They know exactly what they’re doing. If you want olive skin get an olive skin girl!”

“Blackface isn’t chic Gigi. VI has been going downhill since [Franca] Sozzani passed,” sighed brikin.

“Don’t even go there,” GivenchyHomme fired back in defense. “Steven Klein is known for this kind of coloring. It’s his style to have very unnatural looking skin tones for all his models. His pictures are very over-saturated.”

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