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British Vogue and Steven Meisel Give Cara Delevingne Her Best Magazine Cover Ever

Ever since he took over at British Vogue, Edward Enninful has been under extreme scrutiny on our forums. Aside from hiring some diverse cover subjects, Enninful has been commissioning Steven Meisel to shoot select covers (Adwoa Aboah for December and Gigi & Bella Hadid for March), much to our delight. For June 2018, Meisel is back to shoot Cara Delevingne for the very first time, exceeding all expectations as she works a show-stopping Noel Stewart hat, styled by Joe McKenna.

UK Vogue June 2018 : Cara Delevingne by Steven Meisel


Members of our forums were…speechless (well, almost). “This might be the first time I actually like Cara, it’s a stunning portrait,” admired marsnoop2 the moment the cover dropped.

“This is pretty iconic,” exclaimed Ed.

“Finally a great cover from Edward’s takeover, and this has potential to be iconic or even timeless,” MDNA applauded.

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In agreement over how wonderful the cover turned out was bluestar: “Wow this is stunning! I wasn’t expecting Cara to be on a cover by Edward for a while but this is a pleasant surprise. I like the combination of the white hat and background with the red text and Cara’s bright blue eyes.”

“What a truly great cover!! I would say, daring even! Not all that into Cara, but Meisel really did her justice. I love how clean and striking it is,” favored Miss Dalloway.

“I never, ever thought I would be fawning over a picture with Delevingne! This is spectacular!” confessed Velasco.

GivenchyHomme couldn’t have praised the cover enough either: “This is the best picture she’s ever taken. Meisel has a talent for bringing out the beauty in whoever he shoots. Who thought Cara could do elegant? Color me surprised!”

“She looks so chic. An instantly iconic cover. Meisel and Cara are a dream team!” Elite13 declared.

We’ll race you down to the newsstand for this one! Preview Cara’s cover story and join the round of applause here.