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Dua Lipa Photographs Beautifully for Vogue Turkey’s May Cover

Vogue Turkey must’ve heard our cries last month, after our appalled forum members called out the disastrous Sasha Pivovarova cover. The magazine has seemingly upped the ante with a bold and surprising cover for May 2018, giving Dua Lipa (who is also currently fronting V Magazine) her very first Vogue appearance. Photographed by Benjamin Lennox, the Brit songstress wears Chanel and serves good face in the flawless close-up portrait cover image.

Vogue Turkey May 2018 : Dua Lipa by Benjamin Lennox


The cover went down a treat with the majority of our forum members. “She must be huge in Turkey to warrant this cover. Love her. Love this. I really like the shorter hair on her. Edgier look. The makeup is lovely too. I’d love her see a British Vogue cover,” said MON.

“I think she’s gorgeous, and it’s great to have new faces on the front of magazines,” commented tigerrouge.

“The best cover I saw from this magazine,” forum member caioherrero added.

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Also quick to show the cover some love was Benn98: “Wow, great cover! The styling and cut looks very modern and youthful. Seems like they’re finally getting it together. So far it looks like Dua Lipa photographs like a dream. Her GQ cover and edit was stunning, and now this. Definitely building up to a UK Vogue cover!”

“This is a really good cover, their best in a long time! I won’t be surprised to see her on British Vogue,” gunsnroses enthused.

“90’s i-D vibe, not bad…” confessed kasper.

“Could be i-D or Dazed & Confused, but not Vogue,” shared an underwhelmed MerissaV.

Kenndale wasn’t all too impressed with the outcome either, saying, “This cover is a bit obvious. I wish they pushed the boundary with Dua more, as she is quite gorgeous!”

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