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Our Forums Wonder Who Approved This Dreadful Cover Image of Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Turkey?

Vogue Turkey, which doesn’t usually receive all that much attention on our forums, has been on our radar lately — but for all the wrong reasons. The magazine has managed to do a disservice to a whole host of models including Hailey Baldwin, Emily DiDonato, Natasha Poly and now fails to do Sasha Pivovarova justice for April 2018. The current face of Christian Dior and a forum favorite since she first broke onto the scene over a decade ago was shot by Liz Collins against a pale yellow backdrop, flashing her signature vacant stare while wearing Prada.

Vogue Turkey April 2018 : Sasha Pivovarova by Liz Collins


Once again, members of our forums weren’t singing Vogue Turkey’s praises. “I’m used to seeing Sasha always delivering, but she looks lost here… I don’t blame her though, this styling and layout is not helping at all,” commented Legolas immediately.

“The cropping is so weird and makes her head look huge. They did her dirty,” added dodencebt.

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“You book Sasha and this is the image the EIC approved? Beyond washed out. Not a good cover look. C’mon… even Collins is better than this!” zoom stated.

In agreement was forum member 333101, who wrote, “The lighting and garish colors are atrocious. She looks like a rabbit caught in headlights!”

“On this episode we’re going to learn how to make Sasha Pivovarova look AWFUL,” mocked helmutnotdead.

“It’s so lifeless!” narcyza exclaimed.

Vogue28 wasn’t buying it either. “With just about every other edition of Vogue getting a shakeup in terms of staff lately – it’s Vogue Turkey which is in dire need. They’ve had some absolutely abysmal covers recently and to have a model like Sasha Pivovarova (who is adored by many) and the outcome is this… something needs to be done,” he demanded.

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