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Allure Botches Janelle Monae’s July 2018 Cover

Allure caught a huge break from our forum members last month after it unveiled three terrific covers featuring three Asian models. The month prior, our forums urged Allure‘s staff to make some creative changes. Unfortunately, it appears that the magazine is back to square one with the July 2018 issue featuring Janelle Monae. Covering Allure for the first time, the American singer/songwriter was photographed by Camila Falquez sporting some Princess Leia-inspired side-buns and an overpowering Molly Goddard creation.

Allure July 2018 : Janelle Monae by Camila Falquez


Our forum members could barely believe their eyes. “I love Janelle. She looks so beautiful here. But she deserves way better than that hideous dress,” wrote dfl-001.

“That’s the prettiest Cheeto I’ve ever seen!” GivenchyHomme mocked.

“Janelle deserves better than this tulle nightmare. From the neck up she looks amazing though,” said mistress_f.

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Feeling the exact same way was forum member SLFC: “I was excited when I saw  Janelle’s name, but was ultimately let down. Don’t like this at all.”

YohjiAddict wasn’t here for the unfortunate outcome either. “The Photoshop around her head is just so crappy and distracting,” he pointed out.

“I get that part of her shtick is being quirky, but fashion magazines are usually the platform to challenge a star’s familiar traits. I’d love to see her stripped down or glammed up as I think she has a versatile beauty that can go either way,” voiced Ken Doll Jenner.

Also not into it was tigerrouge: “I have long wanted to see more of Janelle in magazines, so I should be happy to see her on a cover, but somehow this cover isn’t appealing to me. I mean, it’s quirky, it’s colorful… I can only think it’s the lack of energy in the picture, the uncertain pose that doesn’t make sense.”

“Mad about Janelle but I don’t like anything about this cover. Not the ridiculous hair, dress, or art direction. It was only a matter of time before they went back to their old tricks. Last month was just a stunning reprieve,” added Benn98.

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