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Bella Hadid Gives Good Face on Allure’s Beautiful September Cover

Bella Hadid hasn’t been on the cover of a major fashion magazine in a hot minute (especially considering last year’s overwhelming stats), yet we’re still thinking about her last cover, for Vogue Mexico, which blew us away. She now makes a stunning return on the cover of Allure, after a two-year hiatus for the magazine. Making up for recent botched covers featuring Lily James and Janelle Monae, Allure‘s September 2018 issue, photographed by Daniel Jackson, features Bella serving good face (something she’s noted for around here) as she stares over her shoulder with piercing blue eyes and coral lips.

Allure September 2018 : Bella Hadid by Daniel Jackson


Were our forum members impressed with Allure‘s latest? “This is possibly the first Allure cover under the new regime that I actually like – and Bella looks like a human being, instead of a perfect plastic person,” said tigerrouge upon checking out the cover.

“It’s a lovely fresh cover, and certainly a lot better than any of their recent output,” 333101 echoed.

“This is amazing! She works so well when she’s natural and soft. It’s a great alternative to the blow-up doll look we’re accustomed to,” voiced GivenchyHomme.

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Gazebo shared the same enthusiasm toward the cover, commenting, “Clean layout, clean face – yes! She’s radiating.”

“This is a thoroughly modern cover without looking gimmicky. Her pose/composition and the seemingly natural light gives it a freshness and a cut through that feels very 2018, rather than vintage/retro or what we see elsewhere,” appreciated samoanceleb.

Happycanadian felt the same way. “I really just can’t get over how incredibly beautiful she is. That face really IS one in a million – she’s a perfect cover model. Yes, I know she basically has just the one expression … but when the result turns out this good?! I can’t complain,” he admitted.

“After one bad cover after another pretty much consistently. I have to ask what made them turn around? The editorial and cover is exactly what should be expected from a magazine focused on beauty,” raved SLFC.

Allure September 2018 : Bella Hadid by Daniel Jackson


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