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Cindy Crawford Looks Stiff and Uncomfortable on Tatler’s September Cover

Does the magazine industry secretly have it in for Cindy Crawford? It’s sure starting to look that way given the fact that over the past four months, both Town & Country and Vogue Turkey have failed to do the modeling legend justice. We know the industry is currently trying to make Kaia Gerber happen, but they sure are giving her mom a hard time. Now it’s Tatler that manages to botch up its shoot with the original 90s supermodel, as she fronts the September 2018 issue looking stiff and uncomfortable in the cover photographed by Yu Tsai and styled by Sophie Goodwin.

Tatler September 2018 : Cindy Crawford by Yu Tsai


Our forum members made their feelings clear immediately. “Still mad about their art direction, but the styling is too much for her. It looks like your typical high-fashion moneyed equestrian, but you’d never think this woman was once one of fashion’s most in-demand models,” said Benn98 the moment the cover struck.

“When I see her name in a magazine thread, my heart still skips a beat, because I remember back when I was crazy about her. This isn’t bad by modern-day Cindy standards – but I’m glad I subscribe, because I might not be convinced by this particular cover shot to spend £4+ on it at the newsstand,” noted tigerrouge.

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“Better than her Vogue Turkey cover, but that’s not saying a lot. She just looks uncomfortable in that get-up,” 333101 said.

MON felt the same way. “Reminds me of her Vogue Turkey cover. Nothing special,” he remarked.

“Supermodel Cindy Crawford is still not shining through but it’s not the worst cover she’s ever done,” admitted forum member mepps.

“I love and I admire Cindy, she is one of the very best best best stars of the modeling industry in history. However all her covers when she returned to modeling after having her kids are very underwhelming. She used to be SO freaking good, the poses, the hair, the power in the eyes. Now it’s so safe, boring and she always looks uncomfortable,” slammed Bertrando3.

Tatler September 2018 : Cindy Crawford by Yu Tsai


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