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Nicole Kidman Is Barely Recognizable on Marie Claire’s October Cover

After undergoing a makeover, Marie Claire is back on our radar with several gorgeous covers in recent months featuring the likes of Zendaya, Amy Adams and Emily Ratajkowski. In a bold effort to overhaul its image, the American fashion glossy is pulling out all the stops, landing Nicole Kidman as its cover star for October 2018. We’ve called out our fair share of Photoshop blunders over the years, but Marie Claire‘s latest takes the cake. Photographed by Thomas Whiteside, styled by Joseph Errico and drowning in an overload of red (from Nicole’s hair to the studio backdrop), the Aussie actress is barely recognizable in her latest cover appearance.

US Marie Claire October 2018 : Nicole Kidman by Thomas Whiteside


Our forum members were speechless — almost. “Who’s that?” asked KissMiss the minute the cover came to light.

“That’s like someone paying a camgirl to be Nicole Kidman,” snarked tigerrouge.

“I literally busted out laughing at first look. That… is… hysterical…,” said dfl-001.

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Also appalled by the outcome was forum member happycanadian: “HOW is this real? It’s completely outrageous that these photos made it to print. Literally the only possible explanation is that Marie Claire just wants the (inevitable) press that these horrible covers will drum up!”

“The shame. Don’t imagine Nicole is very happy with the Stepford bot on that cover, and no wonder celebs demand photo approval. Some overzealous post-production assistant went waaay overboard here,” stated Benn98.

“This has to be a shoot they’ve uncovered from their archive that was never used from back in the day. That’s hilarious! It looks like someone has just put ‘2018’ on a cover from 2005,” honeycombchild added.

HeatherAnne couldn’t believe her eyes either: “Damn, this is just flat out rude.”

US Marie Claire October 2018 : Nicole Kidman by Thomas Whiteside


Check out the alternative cover (which happens to be even WORSE) and join the conversation here.