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Felicity Jones Gives Us 1980s Journalist Vibes on Vanity Fair’s October Cover

Vanity Fair has become very hit or miss lately and we never know what to expect from the magazine each issue. The publication came under fire last month when it featured Louis Vuitton brand ambassador Michelle Williams on the cover, wearing LV and shot by brand campaign photographer Collier Schorr — it all felt a little too advertorial and lazy. Moving on from the blunder, Vanity Fair‘s latest features British actress Felicity Jones. In the Mark Seliger-shot cover image, the On the Basis of Sex star suits up in Ralph Lauren (styled by Samira Nasr) channeling a high-powered 80s journalist for the October 2018 issue.

Vanity Fair October 2018 : Felicity Jones by Mark Seliger


The cover ultimately left our forums divided. “They’re not even trying, are they? This is so boring,” complained 8eight upon first look.

“Looks like an October 1998 cover to me,” stated Piet Relief.

“Looks like a cover from the 80s promoting a movie about a hard-hitting female journalist. Daryl Hannah would have been in the running, except she’d be deemed too ditzy, so they went with a brunette, because that felt more ‘New York’. Trouser suits by Armani, blazers by Ralph Lauren,” tigerrouge noted.

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Miss Dalloway was quick to comment: “There is still something missing, but I can get on board with his, just because it’s a beautiful portrait of a beautiful woman.”

“Felicity is so beautiful. I actually really love this cover, although I do agree that it’s still missing a spark. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it just falls short, same as last month,” expressed LastNight.

“She’s playing a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the film, and it’s perfect,” credited MissMagAddict.

Not everyone felt compelled to bash the cover. “That’s a beautiful portrait of a beautiful woman. This is probably my favorite cover since Radhika took over. Finally someone whose profile I’m actually interested in reading,” said forum member mepps.

“At first I hated it but the more I’ve looked at it, I’ve come to love the whole newspaper vibe the cover is giving due to the art direction, and especially when matched with the smart, reporter-esque styling. Felicity Jones has photographed beautifully here!” vogue28 said.

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