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Michelle Williams Means Business on the Cover of Vanity Fair’s September Cover

and a few questionable covers in between, It’s official: Vanity Fair just isn’t what it once was and it’s all thanks to the magazine’s new EIC . Ever since editor-in-chief Radhika Jones‘s inaugural issue of Vanity Fair featuring Jennifer Lawrence back in March, our forums haven’t been feeling the magazine as much as we used to (and we aren’t the only ones). Following a tolerable Emilia Clarke cover last month, the magazine gives its September cover to actress Michelle Williams. In the blander than bland portrait cover image, the Louis Vuitton brand ambassador wears an outfit from the iconic French fashion house, shot by Louis Vuitton’s fall campaign photographer, Collier Schorr.

Vanity Fair September 2018 : Michelle Williams by Collier Schorr


To say the majority of our forum members were disappointed would be an understatement. “It could’ve been quite a stunning cover, if only her facial expression wasn’t that harsh as in this shot,” pointed out mikel the moment the cover struck.

YohjiAddict couldn’t believe his eyes. “She looks like a German boy, angry that his parents abandoned him at some dreary boarding school. Not good,” he wrote.

“Does the editor of this magazine know what Vanity Fair is? Its history? What it’s always been? This cover is DIRE. Michelle Williams is a wonderful actress, but she looks stiff and bored here,” stated mepps.

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“Just tragic, and for September! Jones has no clue what VF is about. How is she still in the job!” Miss Dalloway said.

Also not here for it was liberty3331rb: “Cancelled my subscription a few months ago, won’t renew any time soon…. this magazine is dead!”

However, not everyone felt compelled to bash the magazine. “Love this cover! Clean and crisp. Michelle is such a classy, gorgeous woman. As a regular subscriber, I’m loving the new direction of this magazine,” defended forum member wtzup.

“Okay I love this,” admitted MON. “I feel the vulnerability. Some may dislike her facial expression, but it’s giving me a lot of emotions. Coupled by the text. I love it!”

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