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Taylor Swift Tries to Make a Questionable Yellow Gucci Number Happen on UK ELLE’s April Cover

We have a feeling we’re about to see a whole lot more of Taylor Swift over the next few months as the American songstress gets us hyped for the release of potential new music. Rumors on our forums are swirling that Taylor signed one of ELLE‘s global deals (à la Selena Gomez and Rihanna) and is set to front multiple editions of the glossy in the same month. True to speculation, first up is Taylor on UK ELLE for April 2019. Marking her debut on the British fashion monthly, Taylor was photographed by Quentin Jones doing little else but standing with her arms folded while wearing a vibrant Gucci number styled by Anne-Marie Curtis in the newsstand cover (below).

UK Elle April 2019 : Taylor Swift by Quentin Jones


According to our forum members, the cover was a major flop. “What happened to ELLE UK? The relaunch started out very strong. It was fresh. It had a vision, but now, you could mistake this for a circa 2010-2012 cover. Even the art direction is slowly reverting back to its old self. Terribly disappointing,” MON said the moment the cover struck.

“Yikes, what a messy cover! What’s the deal with that cheap pink paneling, and whose idea was it to use the dress as a backdrop? Arguably one of their worst covers since the redesign,” noted Benn98.

“I don’t despise it but it’s certainly not what I’ve come to expect from ELLE UK. Their redesign seems to have just diluted back into what we’ve seen before. Perhaps it wasn’t selling and the decision was made to revert back somewhat. Shame,” echoed honeycombchild.

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“When I see a yellow dress like that I think of Beyoncé. And Taylor ain’t no Beyoncé,” laughed mikel.

Also not much of a fan of the styling was tigerrogue: “The fashion on the cover just looks like scrunched-up rubbish. Unless the American edition is going to run with a different set of images, this does not bode well for ELLEs across the world.”

Srdjan described the cover as “really ugly.” Oh dear.

Here’s to hoping American ELLE does Taylor more justice, right? See more and be sure to join the conversation here.