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Alicia Vikander Soars to New Heights on Harper’s Bazaar for April 2019

Considering the atrocious Harper’s Bazaar Cardi B cover last month, we didn’t have much hope for the rest of the magazine’s spring covers — and, unfortunately, the April 2019 cover wasn’t able to make up for it, according to our forum members. Alicia Vikander will greet you down at the newsstand this month, as she finally makes her debut as a Bazaar cover girl (just as our forums complain over the same old faces).

The Swedish actress receives the full Bazaar treatment for the occasion, featured in one of the magazine’s typical cover shoots, suspended high above the ground and captured on location in Savannah, Georgia and shot by photographer Mariano Vivanco. Styled by Miguel Alberto Enamorado, Alicia wears Louis Vuitton throughout (if you even need ask) as she soars to new heights.

US Harper’s Bazaar April 2019 : Alicia Vikander by Mariano Vivanco


Another month, another mediocre Bazaar cover. “I really don’t like this cover. Not an attractive cover at all, I wouldn’t stop to look at it. You can’t really tell who it is instantly and her expression looks off,” discredited Morgane07.

“Someone tell Harper’s Bazaar that it was Emily Blunt who played Mary Poppins, not Alicia Vikander,” laughed dodencebt, suggesting the cover resembled Blunt’s recent Vogue cover.

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“Atrocious! Which is pretty much the norm for the majority of Alicia Vikander’s covers. I admire Glenda’s ballsiness, but this girl has been shot by so many photographers and the result has always ended up awful. Not sure why Harper’s would prove any different,” Benn98 chimed in.

“If the best she’s going to bring is ‘boring schoolgirl’ then this woman shouldn’t be allowed on covers, because she’s wasting everyone’s time. And I’m getting tired of the ‘athletic pose against a blue sky’ that seems to be the default style for most of their lead shoots these days. I say this as someone who actually likes US Bazaar and buys it more often than not,” shared tigerrouge.

Caioherrero simply asked: “Why is Glenda [Bailey] still at Bazaar?”

“Wait, is it still 2018? I know Glenda’s Bazaar is dated but did she really have to feature her instead of a plethora of other, more relevant celebrities?” quipped Ken Doll Jenner.

US Harper’s Bazaar April 2019 : Alicia Vikander by Mariano Vivanco


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