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Kristen Stewart Is Pretty in Pink on Vanity Fair’s September 2019 Cover

We’re over halfway through 2019 and Kristen Stewart’s only notable presence down at the newsstand has been for Vogue Korea — until now. Vanity Fair, a magazine which hasn’t exactly had the best reception on our forums over recent months, attempts to regain our affections by making the Charlie’s Angels actress its cover star for September 2019. Shot by Alasdair McLellan, it was only natural for Samira Nasr to style Kristen in a ruffled white blouse and pink tweed jacket from Chanel’s Fall 2019 collection for the cover (seeing as how Kristen’s been a brand ambassador for the French fashion house since 2012).

Vanity Fair September 2019 : Kristen Stewart by Alasdair McLellan


For the majority of our forum members, the cover was a nonevent. “She looks pretty, but the styling is overpowering her way too much for my liking,” said kokobombon after checking out the cover.

“All I see is a Harper’s Bazaar U.S. reject cover,” pointed out MON.

“She’s beautiful, but the cover could look better. Not saying this is no good, but I feel like this magazine lost its focus on fashion,” critiqued biagiolr.

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“The new fashion director isn’t good — that’s the problem,” replied caioherrero.

Also not jumping for joy over the sight of the cover was dodencebt: “The unbuttoned jacket makes her look four times bigger than she really is and it’s all I can see now. Plus the outfit is super unattractive. But neck up, gorgeous.”

Forum member mepps felt the same way. “Love her, but I’m not feeling the image or the styling. Both she and Alasdair can do better than this.”

“I love it. Happy to see Kristen back in the spotlight,” praised jorgepalomo.

“Always a pleasure to see her. Not a huge fan of the cover in general, but it’s eye-pleasing,” reasoned fluxxx.

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