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Lupita Nyong’o Stars on Vanity Fair’s Simply Stunning October 2019 Cover

Vanity Fair is officially back on our radar. Over recent months, the magazine has put out bold, visually stunning covers that make us want to dash down to the newsstand. First came Kristen Stewart on last month’s September offering looking pretty in pink. Now the mag wows us yet again with the ever-radiant and forum favorite Lupita Nyong’o gracing its October 2019 issue. A vision in green Valentino (picked by Samira Nasr), the actress was captured by photographer Jackie Nickerson on location at the Pleasantdale Château gardens in New Jersey, resulting in one vibrant cover shot.

Vanity Fair October 2019 : Lupita Nyong’o by Jackie Nickerson


Forum members absolutely adored Vanity Fair‘s latest. “I love this,” MON simply declared.

“Whoa, only Lupita could make this color work and she sure did! What a great cover!” praised Miss Dalloway.

“Two solid covers from Vanity Fair  in a row. Radhika Jones ought to stick with this loud new direction because the magazine’s covers have begun to stand out immensely on the shelves with those vibrant colors. Lupita has photographed oh so perfectly here!” raved vogue28.

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KINGofVERSAILLES agreed. “Beautiful! I don’t know how well it sold, but the Vanity Fair September issue was extremely eye-catching on newsstands thanks to the liberal use of that deep, assertive pink. I suspect this shade of green will have the same impact. Not a bad move, Radhika.”

“My goodness! This is gorgeous!” confessed Velasco.

“She’s working that color. Beautiful cover,” said mepps.

Also showing the cover some love was aracic: “Surprisingly, this works very well. Usually I’m not a big fan of green, especially in such shades, but everything looks good…”

Forum member libra described the cover as “stunning” and we couldn’t agree more.

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