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Hailey Bieber Delivers a Beautiful Vogue Australia October 2019 Cover

More often than not, our forum members aren’t fawning over Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin), especially when it comes to the American Vogue cover she shared with her husband. Her multiple covers of POP and an underwhelming Vogue Mexico appearance didn’t help matters. But it looks like Hailey’s luck is changing since Vogue Australia picked her to be its October 2019 cover star. Captured on location in upstate New York, the current face of Miu Miu looks at ease in a baby blue Burberry coat pulled by Christine Centenera for the cover shot photographed by Lachlan Bailey.

Vogue Australia October 2019 : Hailey Bieber by Lachlan Bailey


For the majority of our forum members, the cover hit all the right notes. “I think she looks incredible here. I don’t know if she’s actually improving or if photographers are just learning to play to her strengths,” confessed KINGofVERSAILLES.

“She looks nice and the colors are beautiful,” Srdjan chimed in.

“Love the colors! A very beautiful cover and she looks good. I don’t mind her recent offerings in all the Vogues, I think she’s gotten much better at modeling,” approved russianelf.

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“Wow, easily her best cover, she never looked more present or beautiful. And this is coming from someone who has NO interest in her modeling career! It has to be Lachlan — he really has a talent for making women, especially famous women, more open,” applauded Miss Dalloway.

“My eyes opened wide when I came across this earlier! An absolutely GORGEOUS cover, love every single element it has to offer (including Hailey),” declared vogue28.

Forum member dior_couture1245 disagreed: “They are really pushing her hard the last month or two. She just looks so trashy.”

“Why is she everywhere lately? That hair would not have worked on anyone really, but on her it just furthers the already tacky vibe which surrounds her,” disapproved Benn98.

Await more from Hailey’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.